Jewelry School Reviews

Our training & jewelry courses has been an experience of professional growth for all our students. Each jewelry course attends different needs but common goals… Do you want to know what they think? Just check our jewelry school reviews.

jewelry school reviews
Estefi Wright | Guayaquil, Ecuador

I understood that I had to work in a more orderly way, following one direction and analyzing in-depth my jewelry brand.

All this helped me to have a defined, unique and authentic identity.

jewelry school reviews

Irdia Martínez | Maracaibo, Venezuela

The jewelry course made it clear to me how to design a jewelry collection and to have a marketing strategy for the sale of accessories.

I must congratulate you on such good content and organization of the entire agenda. Thanks for everything!

Jewelry School Reviews

Camilla Pietropaoli | L’Aquila, Italy

After finishing the Sustainable Jewelry course, I consider it very interesting and complete.

The themes are fundamental, including the details of a sustainable business! Thank you!

Jewelry School

Valentina Falchi | Barcelona, Spain

With the advice & coaching, I have learned many new and improved things that I had control! The deal is very close, the information received is essential.

100% recommended! Thank you.

jewelry school reviews
ser diseñador de joyas
Veronica Sálomon | Guayaquil, Ecuador

In this workshop, we saw the whole integral part of the jewelry business: from the idea of a jewel, to how to sell it and how to expose it.

I loved discovering Barcelona from architecture, museums, and artists such as Gaudí, Miró or Dalí.

jewelry alumni reviews

Tamara Carranza | D.F, México

I can certainly say that the jewelry courses they teach are excellent.

They have helped me to have a clearer idea of how to wear my jewelry brand.

Jewelry School Reviews

Case Study – Jaume Labro

Tokyo, Japan.

I was very surprised to feel that the advice is one-on-one, teacher and student.

I feel fortunate to finally find a course where they teach you the vital aspects of survival as a jewelry brand. Honestly, the master has transformed my way with which I will face the future of my brand.

jewelry students reviews

Ximena Ceballos (Sissai) | Perú

The course came when we were starting the process with Fairmined and it helped us to have clearer the options we had in sustainable jewelry.

The course confirmed that the path to sustainability is the way forward.

Marcia Rodriguez | D.F, México

Still dedicating myself to jewelry professionally for years, the syllabus and advice helped me set my new goals.

The master met all my expectations!

Jewelry School Reviews

“Design a Jewelry Collection” is a very interesting course, teach and clear doubts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I recommend Workshop R2 as a learning medium.
Hoping to start another course.

Malena de Botana | Quito

I did the “Design a Jewelry Collection” course, I was very happy with what I learned, the material delivered. Thank you very much for your work. 100% recommended.

Ignacia Ambler Ríos | Chile

Take the Marketing and Sales course. I recommend it to anyone who is undertaking in the world of jewelry. It is practical, concise and full of valuable information.

Gabriela Romero | Costa Rica

“Design a Jewelry Collection” is a course with a realistic approach that addresses the contemporary needs of the designer. The format is perfect to combine with the work. The content is oriented to direct and immediate professional applications.

Carolina Jimenez | México

Very satisfied with the knowledge obtained. The course “Design a Jewelry Collection” is an important tool in the work of designing jewelry that can reach the public more professionally, but without losing the DNA and own style.

Daniela Collaguazo | Costa Rica

I help myself a lot to organize my planning, it gives you the guidelines and the step by step from the beginning to the end. “Design a Collection” is an excellent course, I recommend it.

Tania Jauregui | México

Jewelry School Reviews
Mirella Caputi | Guayaquil, Ecuador

Two weeks of total enrichment that took my inspiration to my country. I recommend it to all those who can come to study jewelry design in Barcelona.

My experience in the workshop has been incredible.

Berta Riera | Barcelona, Spain

I did the course of Brand Communication in the networks and it helped me to know new ways and means of making my jewelry brand known.

I recommend it!

Pamela Chica | Guayaquil, Ecuador

Excellent online course in Jewelry Trends. With everything I learned, I was able to go deeper with my project and in certain areas improve it.

Many thanks to the teachers for sharing their knowledge.

Cristina Amat | Barcelona, Spain

I learned many concepts that must be taken into account when making the market known, as well as the importance of knowing each other well and organizing.

There are many details in this profession that if they do not explain to you they can escape from your hands.

Jewelry School Reviews

Case Study – Carol Leal

I understood that to design a good collection of jewelry you have to know how to organize ideas, analyzing market trends, and being very clear who my target audience is.

I can say that I have managed to boost my creativity by working in a more structured way.

The “Jewelry Marketing and Sales” course was an interesting clarifier of concepts and scenarios to be able to delineate an action plan. They offer solutions for different types of media and devices, so I was able to take the course during a smooth work trip!

María Cecilia Kesman | Argentina

Very organized and clear content. I learned many key things to develop and maintain a quality jewelry brand. Grateful.

Paula Cabral | Barcelona

It is the first professional course I have seen online. In all their courses they give you the guidelines and step by step to continue with a lot of valuable information. It shows the professionalism of the team behind and the kindness and patience they deliver.

Norma Alba | Chile

Jewelry School Reviews

Excellent course, with very useful topics and applicable to working life. The very clear content and the examples used are very good since they are based on real companies or projects. It is an advantage to have online courses to be able to train in topics about jewelry.

Valeria Ortega | Ecuador

It has been very successful to find the course “Design a Jewelry Collection”. It helped me to order each step in our creations process and to define the concepts. The treatment with teachers is personalized, he clarified all my doubts about it.

Gustavo Farias | Chile

I really liked the different courses I have done. It helped me to complement the knowledge I gained during my jewelry course, especially in the Project and Portfolio disciplines. I am sure that they will be very useful in the start-up and development of my jewelry brand.

Rolanda Alves | Portugal

Vicmary Pimentel | Medellín, Colombia

The material is presented in a clear, practical and professional way to capture and reinforce knowledge in one of the fundamental aspects for the development of jewelry design projects.

Very satisfactory experience

Jewelry School Reviews

Angela Ruiz | Córdoba, Spain

After the course I started to develop the brand, I defined in general terms the business model I wanted to do.

From here, I designed the logo, packaging, launched the product, created the first website and blog, and started selling my products.