jewelry pricing course

Jewelry Pricing
online course

Join this online course designed to clear up any doubts about jewelry pricing, using formulas to monetize your jewelry brand & business.

Language: English · Diploma · 2 Months Support

Start immediately | Flexible schedules | 60% Dto.[woocs_show_custom_price value=120]

Start immediately | Flexible schedules | 60% Dto.[woocs_show_custom_price value=120]

Increase your value appreciation.
Achieve profitability for your brand.
Set up the right pricing policy.

There is no point in designing your best jewelry collection if you don’t know how to calculate the right selling price. The profitability of your business depends on many factors, but without any doubt, controlling costs, calculating the correct selling price, and knowing when to offer discounts, will be essential to set up your business.

What will you get out of this course?

  • Increase your value appreciation.
  • Manage your cost structure.
  • Calculate the correct price of your jewelry pieces.
  • Increase the profitability of your business.
  • Create your price lists.
  • Create a discount policy.
jewelry pricing
jewelry pricing course

How does it work?

You can start this course immediately. All you have to do is register and you will have access to the first lesson today.

You will have two months of access to the online platform to take the lessons at your own pace, do your exercises and get support from the experts.

Who is the jewelry pricing course for?

If you are already designing jewelry or have experience in this field, this online course offers you the necessary tools to establish the correct prices and make your work profitable.

If you are a beginner or do not have any experience, but your dream is to create your brand and sell your jewelry, this course will teach you how to calculate sales prices correctly from the beginning, giving viability to your project.

jewelry pricing course

Program and Lessons

We’ve developed the following topics to transform your career as a jewelry designer. A course of two weeks and two months of support and access to the online platform where you will learn how to calculate the right selling price and make your jewelry brand a profitable business.

Niche and Value Appreciation

You will understand how the jewelry sector and the different market niches works, where the value perception will be one of your priority objectives.

Target Customers

Each niche has a different customer profile. This forces you to understand their needs and possibilities to offer the right price to your target customer.

Cost Structure

You will specify and organize your cost structure to develop an effective production, that it helps you to set up the right sales prices.

Price Calculation

You will learn, simply and effectively, how to calculate the selling price to sell your jewelry pieces in your store, online business, showroom, or concept stores.

Advanced Price Calculation

We’ll teach you more precisely how to work with Excel tables and formulas to calculate costs and sales prices professionally.

Price List

You will learn how to create a price list that shows all the information about each piece, as references and prices, making the sales logistics work easier.

Discount Strategy

We will review the most relevant sales seasons so that you can establish your own discount policy, special offers, and sale strategy.

Meet our experts

Our teachers and experts have a great professional background in jewelry marketing, which will give you a new perspective to calculate the selling price of your jewelry pieces to make your business profitable.

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Jose Luis Fettolini

Jewelry designer

ignasi cavaller

Ignasi Cavaller

Jeweler / Artist

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Cherry Boonyapan

Jeweler / Artist

Dreamcatcher Lab

Ana Carolina

DreamCatcher CEO

Irune Prats

Irune Prats


David Cerdà

David Cerdà

Fashion photographer

Dot Lung Social Media

Dot Lung

Social Media

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Sustainable certification

Plata de Palo

Nicolás López

PlatadePalo CEO

Martín Azúa

Martín Azúa

Industrial designer

Epaulettes Sitges

Mireia Martinez

Epaulettes CEO

jewelry pricing course

María Goti

Jewelry designer

Jewelry Pricing
Online Course

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jewelry pricing
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jewelry pricing
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