Jewelry Courses

Our jewelry courses will give you a new perspective of how to manage your creativity in jewelry design, and the most important, how to build your jewelry business in terms of customers engagement, brand values & personality, market niches and sales strategy.

Online Jewelry courses

How to Start a Jewelry Business

Online Jewelry Master

Learn how to build your profitable jewelry business with a good understanding of market niches and marketing strategies.

Start immediately.

2,279$ USD

Online Jewelry courses

Injewelry Barcelona

Barcelona Jewelry Workshop

A new kind of learning workshop experiences within ten days in Barcelona where you will rise your creativity and professional career.

Summer 2022

2,279$ USD
Online Jewelry courses

Injewelry Bangkok

Bangkok Jewelry Workshop

10 intensive days in the capital of Thailand to work in any jewelry field you need to upgrade, as making, design or build your brand.

Dates to be agreed.

2,279$ USD
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