Jewelry Course in Barcelona

Injewelry Workshop

Join our jewelry course in Barcelona, a new kind of traveling and learning workshop experiences within ten days in one of the most innovative city in the world. Your talent needs a new source of being qualified in making, design jewelry and brand building.

Dates: from 4th to 14th July 2023
Duration: 10 intensive days
Price: 1,900 € EUR
Location: Barcelona – Spain

Dates: from 4th to 14th July 2023
Duration: 10 intensive days
Price: 1,900 € EUR
Location: Barcelona · Spain

1,900 € EUR
jewelry course in barcelona

Who can attend this jewelry course in Barcelona ?

InJewelry Barcelona is a unique experience to develop your jewelry professional career with a new kind of traveling and learning at the highest level. By offering personalized attention, our program is indicated both for those who are new in the jewelry field and for those who want to bring their jewelry brands to the next level.

A complete dive in the jewelry field from each angle: creativity, design, production and business.

What you’ll learn?

1. Professionalize your creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills in the jewelry industry.

2. Define and develop your jewelry brand project at all levels under the expert support of teachers.

3. Build international connections that help you in your career.

4. Discover Barcelona from a professional and creative perspective, visiting places of interest in the jewelry industry, such as galleries, shops, workshops and companies.

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curso de joyería en barcelona

Why Barcelona?

One of the most creative city in the world is waiting for you.

The secret of success is to see the masterpiece of a greatest artist of all time. How many cities in the world has two thousand years of a history as Barcelona.

Barcelona is a European benchmark in the most creative jewelry scene. Jewelry fairs, galleries and prestigious brands have their headquarters here. Its environment, history, architecture and international artists will be your source of inspiration not only for 10 days, it will be a forever know-how to take it with you.

How to apply?

To do the reservation for our jewelry course in Barcelona you just have to pay the registration fee. (250 € EUR). Once you arrive in Barcelona you’ll be able to pay the rest 1,650 € EUR in cash on the first day of class.

After applying we recommend you to organize your trip and accommodation. For any inquiry please contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.

· Barcelona, Spain
· from 4th to 14th July 2023
· 10 days duration
· Limited Places
· Sights of interest
· Personal Coaching
· Acreditative diploma
English / Spanish

Our Jewelry course in Barcelona program

Having an international training experience of this level will give you an unforgettable background. Our aim will be your professional growth, increasing your skills and portfolio to guide you to the next level.

Boost your Creativity · Build your Jewelry Brand · Get the best mentoring

Get inspiration

Get the inspiration! How you can be inspired from Barcelona the city of purposefully inspiring, wacky and origination as a world design. It is a new way of demonstration of creativity through your jewelry piece and to experience like you’ll never imagine before.

Creative thinking

What you need to be consider for a good piece? What kind of lifestyle does the person have? You need to know about the principle for developing, design and creative thinking process is an importance key to find and starting to design a piece of jewelry.

Build your brand

Have you noticed? Why are some brands come on the scene and glow? How can you develop your own signature style? There is a plenty of a new direction to create such a successful brands to launch and to rise in your business.

Making Process

The workspaces located in the heart of Barcelona, which it provides such an optimum environment and facilities for you to work with precious metals and alternative material to produce your best jewelry piece.

Social Media · Marketing Online

You may not realize, how important is this lesson of online communication with business and your professional career? Figure it out through this program about your marketing online and sale strategy for success in business.

Create a global network

There is a necessary perspective of good business together with creativity. Likewise, in some successful creative people build a global network contact, which is very helpful for developing his or her own business relationship.

Get your jewelry course in Barcelona Diploma

The last day of the course you will get your diploma in Creativity & Entrepreneurship for Jewelry Designer.
jewelry course diploma

Download the Program

Introduce your email address where you want we sent the Injewelry Barcelona Program.

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Coaching Team

Our team are experts in their jewelry professional life, and are ready to share their knowledge and creativity to bring the best out of you with our jewelry course in Barcelona.

Jose Luis Fettolini

Jose Luis Fettolini

Jewelry Designer

Cherry Boonyapan

Cherry Boonyapan

Jeweler / Artist

Ignasi Cavaller

Ignasi Cavaller

Jeweler / Artist

Ana Carolina Massaro

Ana Carolina Massaro

Digital Marketing

Dot Lung

Dot Lung

Social Media Expert

David Cerdà

David Cerdà



Our jewelry course in Barcelona has been an experience of professional growth for all our students. Our essential professional Injewelry program encourages them to get success.

“In this workshop, we saw the whole integral part of the jewelry business: from the idea of a jewel, to how to sell it and how to expose it. I loved discovering Barcelona from architecture, museums, and artists such as Gaudí, Miró or Dalí.”

Verónica Salomon | @martaliajewelry

“Two weeks of total enrichment that took my inspiration to my country. I recommend it to all those who can come to study jewelry design in Barcelona. My experience in the workshop has been incredible”

Mirella Caputi | @macp_jewelry

“During the 10 days in Barcelona jewelry workshop, ​​the teaching team gave me the best support & mentoring to go further with my jewelry brand. Very good learning experience.”

Cristina de la Guardia | @dlg_jewelry

“The best learning experience of my life! Totally recommended if you want to reach the next step with your jewelry business. Ten days of non-stop learning.”

Rossana Paredes | @rossanaparedesjoyas

InJewelry Workshop

Jewelry Course in Barcelona

Apply now and join the new kind of traveling and learning workshop experiences within ten days in Barcelona. You just have to pay the matricula fee. (250 € EUR). Once you arrive in Barcelona you’ll be able to pay the rest 1,650 € EUR in cash.

Matricula Fee

250 € EUR

Barcelona have plenty of talent, artists, brands and companies linked with the jewelry scene. You will have the opportunity to meet them in person, visit galleries, shops, showrooms, workshops, etc.

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