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If there is an important aspect in the creative process, it is to identify Jewelry Trends and use them in our favor, trends contribute to being one step ahead of our competitors and offering an innovative product to our consumers.

Do you want to be at the forefront of jewelry trends or be on the lookout and copy the products of your competition?

Who knows me knows that I am passionate about talking about trends, even with so much visualization through social networks, with so many emerging designers and sales reach, you have to be sure and be assertive to know in which direction our brand should go.

You cannot follow trends blindly and at the same time lose the DNA and vision of the brand, because more than benefit, it would create doubt in our regular customers, who after all are those who buy with fidelity.

identify jewelry trends
However, innovation in the creative process from the study and identify jewelry trends and application in our brand contributes to the opening of opportunities to capture new customers and offer new pieces to regular customers adapted to current fashion, there lies the purpose and relevance of following trends in jewelry.

Who dictates trends in jewelry?

The big jewelry and accessories firms have always set the tone when it comes to trends, behind it, there is not only a group of highly trained creatives, but these same brands outsource coolhunters, which are companies or people who specialize in forecasting trends.

To arrive at these forecasts, behaviors regarding the economy, politics, lifestyle, culture, art, technology, and market and consumer analysis are analyzed, among other important factors that influence the changes in societies.

It is not designed in automatic, it is designed through these forecasts, and it adapts to the DNA of the brand and of course to the intuition and previous study of the market of the consumers of said brand, although eventually the desired results and the consumer acceptance

In addition to this, we must take into account the most important catwalks that are usually New York, Paris, Milan, and London, without losing sight of celebrities, influencers and other influential characters in the world and your city or country.

identify jewelry trends

How to know which trends favor my brand?

Understanding trends is the first step, and at the same time understanding the changes that occur in fashion and in the way of dressing and wearing jewelry pieces.

Predicting the right product for your brand depends on how much time you dedicate to identify jewelry trends, this is cultivated by reading fashion magazines, watching fashion shows, attending fairs and exhibitions, studying the behavior of your clients (learn to listen and design based on that), monitoring new technology, materials and machinery.

Why apply trends in my jewelry brand?

Although your jewelry brand is right now, with globalization, your brand can always get beyond that level and reach more potential customers.

Applying trends in our brands is usually a risk, especially if we are used to being traditional, but with the continuous changes in current fashion, brands that do not innovate unfortunately are lagging behind.

The most creative jewelry brands always stand out and lead the market, mainly because they predict the behavior of buyers and act accordingly to offer the product they are looking for or will look for in the immediate future.

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