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How to sell jewelry on Instagram … If you have trouble expressing an idea in your Instagram publications that generate interest to get potential buyers, do not miss the recommendations we have for you.

In our jewelry school we strive to provide the necessary tools to enhance your chances of success in the world of jewelry, that is why we offer different courses to consolidate your project and a blog with free access where you can get this and more information of interest.

How to write to sell on Instagram?

To know how to sell jewelry on Instagram, you have to know first that In social networks emotional connections generate interactions, these interactions are expressed in comments, likes or stories, and in turn generate greater reach, which benefits the growth of the brand and increases the possibilities of a sale.

Descriptive jewelry is excellent for online stores, but when we are in the Instagram format people simply get carried away by emotions, in addition to having a good photo, Instagram publications must have a context that attracts attention.

Our advice is to make a small description no more than two lines, then make an action call, describe the piece and place the hashtag.

sell jewelry on instagram

Recommendations for writing to sell and generate interactions.

1. The importance of the subtitle

The basis of writing to sell on Instagram is the importance of the subtitle, write a captive text of 140 characters, from two to three lines, before the instagram line break [… more], which adds value to the content of the photo, for To know the correct length of the text you can create a private alternative account where you don’t follow anyone and try the photos and the description before uploading them to your feed.

2. Take your time

Take the time to write, make as many drafts as you need while looking at the photo you want to publish and describe what you want to express with that piece, write about How would you sell that piece if the customer were in front of you?

3. Vocabulary

Enrich your vocabulary, on the internet there are many lists of words to sell, connect, sensitize, excite, describe, and of course online applications to find synonyms, keep these words at hand every time you have to write a text of a publication, and that will be essential to express yourself correctly and that is attractive to those who read the publication.

4. Customize

It is necessary to personalize and give our publications a unique style, use all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, emotions, feelings, any resource that conquers the attention of our followers.

sell jewelry on instagram

5. Start a conversation

Remember that the text should start a conversation, move and encourage action in your audience. Therefore write in a pleasant and empathetic way as if your future client were in front of you.

6. Emojis

Do not use emojis in excess, limit the use of emojis to a few, they are usually fun and break the ice if they are used reasonably.

7. The use of hashtags

The hashtag is the dynamic keywords of your publication, you should not do without them, they must match and be consistent with the photo that has been published, and they can be written in keywords of the description or at the end of it. It also serves as a label for your product, you must create a hashtag of the brand and include it in all your publications.

8. Separate your account

The photographs or writings of personal opinion, do not always fit the profile of a brand, people are interested in knowing what your brand is doing, not if you are an atheist or religious person, or what your political ideas are, so we recommend you not to write about news that generates controversy or not to mix personal life with that of your business account.

Content marketing is very important to ensure the growth of the brand, committed to education, in our school we teach you valuable and innovative strategies to distinguish yourself from the competition and as we always say: “Bring your brand to the next level”.

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